ServiceNow Shortcuts - Editor Macros

Editor Macros, found at “System Definition -> Syntax Editor Macros”, are code shortcuts that you can create in ServiceNow to automatically create code-blocks while in a script edito. For example, you can simply type vargr and hit the Tab key. This will create the code block for obtaining a GlideRecord.

Steve Seibold by Steve Seibold

How to Easily Create an Effective Blog Post

In this Blog Post, I will walk you through easily creating an effective blog post. This will help people who are writing a blog post and are having trouble completing it.

Jack Bumgarner by Jack Bumgarner

Power BI vs SSRS

A detailed description of the differences between Power BI and SSRS

Zed Dietrich by Zed Dietrich

Basics of Powershell Excel & JSON Parsing

Powershell can be used to programmatically parse excel & JSON files. This blog details some of its features for parsing spreadsheets and text files.

Leo Ling by Leo Ling

How to solve problems in new ways part 2

In my previous blog post about the book How to think like Einstein by Scott Thorpe, I discussed steps to breaking the rules we make for ourselves. The tips outlined a helpful route to problem solving as well as a greater range of creative, potential, solutions.

Sonny Darji by Sonny Darji

How to solve problems in new ways

This summer, I read a wonderful book that describes new methods of problem solving. The book, titled How to Think like Einstein by Scott Thorpe. As a developer in the Computer Science field, new problems arise each day.  Some days can be more challenging than others, where problems add up, or new complexities appear.  See how this book gave me helpful tips to becoming a better problem solver.

Sonny Darji by Sonny Darji