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De-Coding Effective Communication: Could Meta-Messaging Hold the Key?

Amid a global pandemic, we have had to shift the way we communicate with those around us. Many of our interactions have occurred using the technology we have access to, which makes me think – what am I missing? Has my communication become less effective? What can I do to be a better communicator?

Elizabeth Fleming by Elizabeth Fleming

We Don’t Need Project Managers

According to the Project Management Institure (PMI) there will be a huge demand and talent gap for project managers by the year 2027. Digital transformation initiative is further driving up this demand. But organizations don't really need project managers. They need something else.

Jaime Velez by Jaime Velez

No… the cloud is “not just someone else’s computer”

There is a common laptop sticker or underhanded tweet that says “the cloud is just someone else’s computer”. This is a defense mechanism against modernization and seeks to state that the existing environment is sufficient. It is often paired with the comment, “we have a private cloud”. The reality however is very different. 100% of […]

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

Using Custom Themes In Power BI

An organization’s data needs often span beyond getting user-critical metrics and actions defined and then built into an appropriate report or dashboard. Marketing often wants a consistent look and feel associated with reports and dashboards to keep all customer-facing material consistent.

This article is for the Power BI user that wants to take there analytics polish to the next level. 

Jeff Lipkowitz by Jeff Lipkowitz

Using DAX Studio To Jump Start Your Data Dictionary

In the world of analytics, understanding and being able to define your data is king in any data project. Organizations often focus on the early stage around getting systems set up and the technology behind the data, but they easily lose focus on the metrics and key information the business needs and the process to govern their data. 

Jeff Lipkowitz by Jeff Lipkowitz

Hybrid Work and the Power of Human Interaction: Lessons Learned from a Challenging Year

2020, and so far 2021, will be a time that I will never forget. Besides the obvious impact of the pandemic, I had my third child, hired two people right before going on maternity leave, and battled strong anxiety that I was unfamiliar with. 

It is easy to understand why I experienced anxiety unlike anything I have dealt with before. It could be the fear of the unknown or having to second guess every sniffly nose before deciding if my children could go to daycare, or if my husband and I were going to battle it out to determine whose job is more important than the others that day. There was also the debate about who would have to try to work while keeping a 5-year-old, 3-year-old and baby fed and alive while not screaming in the process. Or it was the trying to manage new coworkers remotely after they had just worked without me for three months in a constantly evolving company. There were also many communication challenges with our daycare making me feel on my own and that I needed to advocate aggressively for my children who were facing more change than we had prepared them for. 

OR was it "JUST" regular old Postpartum Anxiety. 

Meghan Focht by Meghan Focht


Often organizations work with Excel files or SharePoint lists to support business processes. When the way an organization manages its business process using these tools fundamentally changes, the IT solution supporting the process changes as a result.

In this blog post will talk about an approach to load data in to Azure SQL with out using a ETL tool. 

Jeff Lipkowitz by Jeff Lipkowitz

Concurrency, Inc. President and Founder James Savage Gives Back to Elmbrook Connect

(Brookfield, WI – June 5, 2021) – On June 8, 2021, the Elmbrook Education Foundation, in partnership with James Savage, President and Founder of Concurrency, Inc. and an Elmbrook alumnus, BCHS Key Club, BEHS Student Council, and BEHS Spartan Union will present a check to the Elmbrook School District for $28,809 for the Elmbrook Connect Initiative. 

Stephanie Siewert by Stephanie Siewert

Change Agent CTO Podcast Episode 7

Was thrilled to talk with Kathy Henrich about growing tech in Milwaukee, reskilling, and her influences. The story of Milwaukee’s growth is tech is inspiring and helps understand how it is both a talent and employer challenge.

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

Improving Inventory with Forecast Accuracy

Had a great conversation with Swami Venkatesh on leveraging Machine Learning to improve forecast accuracy and achieve better business efficiency. We talked about the stages of building models, inputs, and decisions.

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski