The Number One Reason to Migrate Legacy Workloads to Azure

We know that the cloud is a foregone conclusion for new workload deployment for the majority of use cases, but I am frequently challenged about legacy workloads by curious companies. There are a multitude of reasons to migrate legacy workloads, from flexibility, to control, to infrastructure-as-code, to management modernization, but today I want to focus […]

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

Cloud Modernization’s Impact on Organizational Structure

The movement to the cloud is driving not only workload transformation but team transformation as well. A common question I’m asked is “how does the move to the cloud change my IT org structure?” The movement to the cloud is only one of the factors impacting the change of the IT org structure, while it […]

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

Monthly Azure Payment Option

Recently, Microsoft Azure released an update to the Azure Reservation model that might help with paying for Azure resources that will be used for long term. Read this post to find out how to setup monthly payments for your Azure Reservations.

Paul Harris by Paul Harris

Resize a SQL Server Transaction Log File Using PowerShell

This post contains a PowerShell script that identifies SQL Server databases with a VLF count that exceeds the limit passed in.  It can output that list or resize log files identified to reduce the VLF count.

Frank Gill by Frank Gill

Azure Cost Management Thoughts

In moving to the cloud one of the most important concepts is the transition from CapEx to OpEx management of resources. This brings both benefits and challenges which most companies are ill equipped to organize an approach around. I find that customers frequently either don’t know, or haven’t prepared their environment to properly manage costs […]

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

Diagnosing Disk Performance Issues

Disk performance issues can be hard to track down but can also cause a wide variety of issues.  The disk performance counter available in Windows are numerous, and being able to select the right counters for a given situation is a great troubleshooting skill.  Here, we'll review two basic scenarios - measuring overall disk performance and determining if the disks are a bottleneck.

Mitchell Grande by Mitchell Grande