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Service Management In The Executive Suite – Part 4

This is part 4 of a running series on how to pull together key service management activities to support executive business decision making. Part 1 provided an overview of a 5-Step approach for pulling together actions and data for executive decisions. Part 2 addressed how to identify company services. Part 3 looked at how to apply service discovery and mapping, or “bill of materials” that support each of those services. Here in Part 4, we will look at how to translate all this into service costs and unit costs. The outcomes of this effort are where executive leadership can see transparency in how their IT investments are being applied to support decision making and IT strategy.

Randy Steinberg by Randy Steinberg

Monthly Azure Payment Option

Recently, Microsoft Azure released an update to the Azure Reservation model that might help with paying for Azure resources that will be used for long term. Read this post to find out how to setup monthly payments for your Azure Reservations.

Paul Harris by Paul Harris