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Concurrency Digital Operations


The Concurrency Digital Operations team is built to operate the most important disruptive products in your portfolio.  We engage a multi-disciplinary team who will then own the plan, build, and run responsibilities of operating your portfolio as your trusted partner.  We bring “lights on” application support, critical bug remediation, platform governance, and cost optimization to your application, whether hosted in our CSP instance, or in your Enterprise environment. 


Products We Support:

Concurrency supports cloud based products in your application, data, or AI portfolio that deliver value to your internal or external customers.  We support a wide variety of cloud based technologies and can either host the environment in our CSP instance or execute the workload in your governed environment.  A few examples of products we’ve supported are:

  • Immersive Customer Platforms
  • Cloud Applications
  • Mobile Engagement Experiences
  • Artificial Intelligence Platforms
  • Experimentation Environments
  • Industrial Automation Platforms
  • Modern Data Estates


Typical Support Programs:

A typical Concurrency support program involves a named product that delivers value to your customers, partners, or employees.  The product lives in the cloud or is being moved to the cloud.  The product needs someone who not only supports it, but understands it, maintains it, and is in a position to ensure it continues to operate successfully.  The capabilities Concurrency brings to bear includes:

  • Support for your product in our CSP instance or your cloud environment
  • Operational “lights on” support of the product (application, data, AI, etc.)
  • 24 x 7 ability to respond to return the platform to operations
  • Ongoing monitoring and alerting on the environment status
  • Optimization of environment spend
  • Implementation of governance and backup & recovery model
  • Implementation of modern DevOps models as part of onboarding the environment
  • Allocation around “critical operations” bugs to prevent product availability
  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Partnership with Concurrency development and enhancement work
  • Shared technical account manager

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