Anne Bougie & Eric Franz to present at Chicago Code Camp

April 29, 2017 | 8:00AM - 5:00PM | Chicago, IL

As a day-long event, we are here to connect the talent and expertise within the Developer community of the Windy City. Discussions for the day have previously included development and trending topics in .net, java, open sourced frameworks, web, mobile, cloud, robotics, testing, soft skills, and more. 

Anne Bougie will present:

Which Azure Storage Option Should I Choose?

Deciding which Azure storage product to use is a difficult and important decision. There are many options, and chances are you haven’t used most of them. Knowing the performance tradeoffs, scalability and costs among the many storage options available is essential for planning any cloud-based architecture. Traditionally, relational storage like SQL Server has been the default choice, but with so many new cloud-based products that are affordable and easy to use, it’s time to start considering other options. When is NoSql the best choice? Should I use Azure Storage tables or DocumentDb? When does it make sense to use an Elastic Database Pool? What about Redis Cache? Before jumping in, learn what purpose each option serves best so you can leverage Azure effectively.

100 - Beginner

Eric Franz will present:

From IoT Remote Monitoring to Dashboards

Join us for a session on IoT business cases and how those scenarios can be immediately impacted by the dashboards they will ultimately need. We will discuss the business side of IoT and specifically how IoT Remote Monitoring can be the best place to start; especially if you are not sure where to start or how. We will discuss ways you can use Microsoft PowerBI to render your IoT scenarios both in production and even to get buy-in from your internal organization. When you leave this session, you’ll be better equipped how to start your IoT project and how to deliver dashboard analytics early in the process.

100 - Beginner
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Event Address

3200 S State Street
Chicago, IL 60616